SG Vedi von Lindesfarne IGP1
SG Bo vom Diamant Grenze Sch3 IPO3 KK1 X V Vicci von Peroh IPO3 KKl
(April 10th, 2017-)
Vedi earned her IGP1 on December 1st under SV Judge Manfred Drescher at OG Buckeye Schutzhund Club.  She received a score of 274 out of 300, which is a an SG (Very Good) rating.  She won Highest Scoring IGP1 in Trial.
Vedi's hips are rated A-Normal and elbows are rated Normal.  Her back has been x rayed and has been cleared for OCD and LUW.  She is also certified DM free.
12/2/2018  Vedi earned her BH under SV Judge Peter Rohde.