"C" Litter

SG Jax v Lindesfarne SchH3 FH KK1
SG Amoxy Haus v Belka SchH1 KK1



Cliff de Locherie was awarded an SG show rating on Oct 25th 2008.
Cliff  earned his Schutzhund 1 in September 2009.
Cliff earned his Schutzhund 2 in December of 2009.
Cliff earned his Schutzhund 3 in July of 2010.

 Cliff SchH1

Cliff SchH1

Cliff SchH1
 Cliff SchH3Cliff SchH3Cliff SchH3




ChaseCliffAunt Jace with Cliff, Connor, Caspar, & Chase

Cliff, Chase, and Casper at 13 weeksCasper at 6 monthsCliff practicing bitework
photo by Charles Snyder

I am very excited about this litter.  I believe these two dogs have produced some really nice, high drive puppies.  With training, (like all German Shepherds should have) these puppies will make excellent companions and family protectors.  But they will also have the drive to compete in competitive dog sports.   They tested EXTREMELY well in their puppy testing. 

Cliff is in my schutzhund club and Casper is in an AKC Obedience home.  I am very excited about this and will be watching them.