SG Jax von Lindesfarne SchH3 FH2 KK1 X Francis von Michelesgarten SchH1 KK1

E Litter
Edward de Locherie IPO 3

(Eddie was the only pup born in the E litter and he stayed with me)


May 6th-8th, USCA Working Dog Championship, Chelsea MI
Edward de Locherie earned another IPO3.

May 28th, OG Buckeye Schutzhund Club, SV Judge Christian Boll
Eddie earned another IPO3.

September 24th-25th, Mid East Region Championship
Eddie earned another IPO3 and was awarded 5th place IPO3.

November 20th OG Buckeye Schutzhund Club SV Judge Wilfried Tautz
Eddie earned another IPO3 with a score of 285.  He earned a V rated score in tracking and obedience and recieved High in Trial.

September 26th-28th at the Greater Cincinatti Schutzhund Club
EDWARD de Locherie came in third place at the 2014 Mid East Regional Championship under SV Judge Peter Rodhe.
Edward competed in the 2013 National Championship in November and earned a very good score of 270, coming in 16th place.

Edward competed at the Mid East Regional Championship in Kentucky in September and placed second!

Edward earned another IPO3 with an excellent score of 286 under SV Judge Christian Boll in August, 2013.

Edward competed in the Working Dog Championship in April 2013.  We had problems in the tracking phase, but we did really well in the obedience and protection phase.  Not too bad for our first Championship.

Edward earned his IPO3 with a score of 283 on December 9th, 2012 under SV Judge Peter Rohde
Edward earned his IPO2 at the Mid East Regional Championship under USCA Judge Frank Phillips.
May 11th, 2012  Edward earned his IPO 1 with a V rated score of 286!!
November 20, 2011   Edward received his OB1 under SV Judge Peter Jens Fluegge.
May 13th, 2011   Edward de Locherie Received his BH.

Eddie working out!Eddie at 5 weeks8 week old Eddie with Jax

9 weeks10 weeks