Ibrix von der Meierei SchH2 Kkl2
Jimmy von Dalwigerholz Sch3 IP3 FH  X  Thia von Busecker Shloss SchH3

    Brix was my second German Shepherd.  He was born in 1988.  I remember anxiously waiting for the day I could take him home.  I realized how important a 100% German bred dog was to me.  Brix was a son of a Busecker Schloss dog, Thia. Brix 1990This was a kennel I recognized at the time as a very good working dog kennel in Germany.  His father was Jimmy von Dalwigerholz SchH3 IP3 FH, a Bundesieger participant.  Jimmy was a beautiful sable dog with a great temperament and very high working drives.

    Brix was an awesome dog.  He was everything that a German Shepherd should be.  He was devoted to me and aloof with strangers.  I used to call him my shadow.  He was very protective of me, but so obedient that I never had to worry about him.

    Unfortunately, I only had Brix for 2-1/2 years.  He was taken from me in a tragic accident.  He was trained to a Schutzhund 3, but only titled to a Schutzhund 2.  He was also Breed Surveyed(koerklassed, kk2), which is the German way of classifying a dog good for breeding.

Brix doing protection during his SchH1

Brix doing protection work during his SchH1 test.