Ilka vom Stauderplatz SchH1
(1999- 2012)
Cello von Haus Anja SchH3 IP3 X Aenny vom Rungenburg SchH1


I consider myself so lucky to have owned Ilka.  She is the mother of my male, Jax.  I have only owned her since December 2004.  I want to thank Mark and Michele Scarberry of Lindesfarne Kennels, for her.

I fell in love with Ilka the first time I met her.  This was when I bred her to Ace in 2002.  She had such a stable temperament with the most solid  nerves.  She was great with people.   I considered her temperament to be perfect for a brood bitch.  She gave her pups a very stable environment for their first 8 weeks.

Ilka achieved her SchH1 with a very nice score of 277 and pronounced in courage.

Ilka had a beautiful black and red, thick coat.  She had nice bone and a very correct structure.  She had the hip rating of A-Normal.  A damaged ear due to an ear infection prevented her from getting a show rating and Breed Survey.



I took the pick of the litter when I bred her to Ace.  Jax is turning out to be a great dog, and I am very happy with him and what I have seen of the rest of the litter.