My name is Trish Sansbury and I own Locherie Kennel, which is located in Cleveland, Ohio.   I have been a member of United Schutzhund Clubs of America for over 35 years.  I am dedicated to breeding German Shepherd Dogs with excellent temperaments and  high working ability.  These dogs produce puppies who will grow up to be great family dogs and protectors.   My dogs are schutzhund titled by me, well socialized, and a part of my family.  They are all house dogs and go everywhere with me.  I have been dedicated to German Shepherds for over 35 years. 




I have personally trained and put titles on 12 German Shepherds that I have owned from 8 weeks of age or bred myself. I have competed in multiple Regional and National Competitions and earned the United Schutzhund Club of America's Master Sport's Medal. 


I have been involved with dogs for over 40 years.  I have been a professional dog groomer all of my adult life and I also owned my own dog training business for about 5 years.  Even though I no longer teach professionally, I still enjoy helping people train their dogs.  My experiences as a dog sport competitor and a pet care professional have put me in a unique position.  I understand the needs of both competitors and pet owners.  My dogs will fulfill the needs of both.  This is because I have taken all the knowledge that I have gained and put it into my breeding program.  My goal is to breed German Shepherds that are very social and highly trainable.  I want my puppies' owners to experience the same joy that I feel with my dogs. And I will do everything I can to help and support them.  My relationship with my buyers begins, not ends, with the sale of the puppy.  

I feed my dogs a raw diet because I believe fresh food is  the best.   But because I realize that not everyone will follow this method, I do feed my puppies some commercial food.  So, the new owner can choose to feed a raw or commercial diet. 

My puppies' bloodlines give them the potential to become wonderful family companions, devoted protectors, and competition dogs.  The nurturing environment, excellent care, nutrition, and socializing I provide while they are in my home creates a healthy, well adjusted young puppy. I follow this up with the life long support, so that your puppy will become a wonderful German Shepherd that you will be happy with and proud of.

My puppy contract explains Locherie Kennel's guarantees and obligations, as well as what is expected of the buyer.


Jax and I during the 2006 Mid East Regionals